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Lea Yorsky

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Office Manager

Born and raised in Northern Cali, Lea met her future husband, Diego, at college in Sacramento. After they were married, Diego left for bootcamp and their journey with the Army all around the world began. Moving to Central Texas in 2009, they decided that was where they wanted to stay once Diego retired. Now that they were not moving around, Lea was able to finish her degree in Business Administration and after college, she began to look for a career path to take. In April 2019, she began working at an optometrist office in Killeen as a front desk clerk which the owner sold some months later and the office became 20/20 iCare. The new owner, Dr Do, decided to promote her to Office Manager and that is when Lea's career went full swing. This allowed Diego to stop working and begin enjoying his retirement, as well as start working on their dream of opening an auto repair and body shop to work on classic cars and motorcycles.

While Optometry may not have been her first choice, Lea is discovering that working with Dr. Do and the 20/20 iCare Team each day it is just the career she had hoped to find.